Last Update
22nd Apr 2018

15th South Wales International Chess Festival


7th - 12th July 2018


Website is now accepting entries.

A limited number of conditions for titled players will be available.

Apply in confidence to:

Kevin Staveley.
+44 (0) 1443 772750

Titled Players

Arkell, Keith GM ENG

Chatalbashev, Boris GM BUL
House, Glenn FM ENG

Lauridsen, Jesper FM DEN

Marusenko, Petr IM UKR

Petrov, Marian GM BUL

Rudd, Jack IM ENG

Turner, Matthew GM SCO
Virginius, Dambrauskas IM LTU
de Verdier, Michael FM SWE

Untitled Players

Bonutto, Stephen WLS

Bridges, Paul WLS

Brown, Tom WLS

Byron, Alan M ENG

Chung, Ethan WLS

Cox, John WLS

Davies, Gareth WLS

Dixon, Chris WLS

Emblem, Mark WLS

Fowler, Caspian WLS

Fowler, Hugo WLS

French, Max ENG

Gosling, Brian ENG

Hurn, Robert AJ WLS

Jaunooby, Ali R ENG

Jukes, Sam WLS

Kett, Tim WLS

Livermore, Richard WLS

Maloberti, David FRA

Orton, Paul WLS

Pleasants, Allan WLS

Taylor, Robert Graham WLS

Thorpe, Thomas WLS

Turner, Joseph David WLS

Waterfield, John WLS

Williams, David J WLS

Williams, Ron WLS

Williams, Stephen WLS

Wilson, Matthew ENG


New Entrants

House, Glenn FM ENG
Virginius, Dambrauskas IM LTU
Downey, Keith WLS